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Why trust Midwest Art & Frame with your picture framing?

Experience: We have been in business since 1991. Our design staff is made up of artists, photographers and graphic designers.

  • Design: When we design a frame, we will ask simple questions to learn about the location where you intend to hang the art, your style and color theme. Then we look to the art to guide us. Tradition, color, genre, composition and medium all have a role in deciding which materials to use. Click here to see examples of our work.
  • Training: We attend annual training sessions at the WCAF convention to ensure we have the latest knowledge and techniques to preserve and protect your art.
  • Printing: We have 30,000 images that can be printed using our Giclee printer on canvas or paper and framed any way you like. Your photos can be printed too.
  • Capacity: We frequently do large jobs for restaurants, offices & retirement centers. We can do your job with speed and quality.
  • Directly imported moldings: We have 30 moldings that we directly import in large quantities which means the cost is about half the “normal” price for molding material.
  • 100% In-House Production: The art you bring to our shop will not leave our shop until you pick up the finished project. We do not risk damaging your art by sending it to another location to be framed. We do it here.


We Love Custom Framing!

  • Sports Jerseys: Even if you are a Packers fan. This category includes other clothing like Military uniforms concert T-Shirts and children’s dance outfits.
  • Record Albums: Preserve and Display those old records in a frame that is non-destructive to the album.
  • Shadowboxes: This is a fun way to preserve and display mementos. One example is an antique gun that we framed in a shadowbox frame with an etching of a Romanian castle that once belonged to Vlad Dracula.  Another is the World War II pilot’s log book that we framed in a shadowbox frame with three photos of the pilot.

Paintings, Photographs, lithographs, Etchings, Needlework. You name it, we can frame it.

You are welcome to our shop for a free design consultation.


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