Blog & Examples of our Work.

7/17/17 This prop was part of a World War II air plane. It is a treasured momento in search of a way to be displayed. We painted and framed a piece of masonite and attached the propeller. Now this momento has become a piece of art!

Shadowbox Picture frame

7/14/17 As you may know we print fine art and photography. So I get this question a lot. "Can you print this great shot I took with my phone?" The answer is always "Maybe, It depends upon the camera settings you used and the condition of your lense when you took the shot." Then I always suggest that people should keep their cameras set at the higest resolution possible. To do that, google "your phone name" with "camera resolution settings" and follow the directions. The other tip I give is try to remember to huff on your lense and wipe it off on your jeans or another peice of cloth before taking the shot. We handle our phones all day and a stray fingerprint can smudge the lense and ruin a great shot. 

If you have a great shot and want to know if it is printable send it to me by email and I will let you know what we can do with it. 

6/27/17 A customer brought us this unique 200 year old religious painting featuring several scenes from the life of Christ and one of St. George and the Dragon. We stitched the painting to over-sized matboard and framed it. The finished size is 65" x 56".

Large picture frames are not a problem here.

6/16/17 I thought our log framed pictures were cool. This was brought in by a customer who wanted us to cut a mat for him. The bark on makes it quite unique.

5/27/17 Art A Whirl!  Last weekend I exhibited some of my photography at Art A Whirl. Here are a few photos from the show. If you have never been to Art A Whirl I highly suggest going. There are something like 800 studios in northeast Minneapolis open to the public with amazing art everywhere you turn. It's a great way to spend a weekend. Art A Whirl is the Northeast Minneapolis open studio weekend for the spring and Art Attack is the fall version. Go visit Art Attack this November. 

My work is showing on the upper balcony.


Lake Edna

Verdant Crossing

5/21/17 Do you have a jersey to frame. We love framing Jersies. This Parise Jersey is now protected from the elements and easy to display in your mancave. 

Framed Parise Wild Jersey

5/13/17 Did I ever tell you about the job we did for Jennie-O Turkey Store corporate offices? They had this long hall they wanted to decorate and they wanted to tell the story of their inception. Katie Morgan of Interior Design Studio in Willmar, MN. came up with the design idea of having 22 pictures in a storyboard formation. The short pictures are 10" x 20" and the larger pictures are 20" x 20". Jennie-O Turkey Store dug through their photography archive and found these historical images. Katie worked with the team at Jennie-O Turkey Store to come up with the story that would be told about each panel. We then rendered the images to sepia (sepia is brown and white photography) added backgrounds and the text in photoshop. We printed the finished images on canvas and had them shipped to the install location.  Below you can see the beautiful outcome.

Jenny O Turkey Corporate Office History WallJenny O Turkey Corporate Office History Wall

5/2/17 This was a fun job. We made a giant 48"x71" framed logo shield for the UPS conference room. We started with a piece of 4x8 plywood. It was painted ivory. Then we glued the UPS logo to the plywood. The letters were purchased online and attached to the board. We used Museum Glass to cover the piece and keep the dust out. The frame is from Larson Juhl and has a slight curve with a matt black finish. We love these interesting jobs. 

UPS Conference Room ShadowboxUPS Conference Room Shadowbox Set up lettering